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Meet Bob Wood


After graduating from the University of Cincinnati College of Pharmacy in 1967, I entered the specialty of community retail pharmacy. I spent 30 years in that discipline until I noticed a shift in retail pharmacy that resulted in my job becoming very stressful.   I decided to make a change when I discovered compounding pharmacy.  I loved the concept  because it enabled me to create a specific pharmaceutical product to fit the patient’s unique needs. I joined a hospice team where our goal was to create prescribed medications to keep the patient comfortable. The nine years that I spent as a part of this team were extremely rewarding.

As my compounding career advanced, I became aware of the lack of patient education regarding bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.  I frequently spoke with female patients about their symptoms of hormone imbalance and their concerns about using synthetic hormone therapy. The next twenty years of my life I devoted to studying and learning about the impact of hormonal imbalance in women of all ages. I currently have a successful consulting practice where I work closely with physicians across the state to provide women with a natural hormone replacement alternative.

In my free time I love gardening flowers and organic vegetables on my 15 acre property in Delaware county.   I also have a passion for steelhead fishing with a flyrod. Fly fishing gives me the opportunity to be in the wilderness and be in total solitude with nature. In my opinion, we all need this kind of “fresh air” therapy.

Meet Amy Timmerman

After graduating from Wright State University in 1998 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, I worked in cardiology and vascular medicine for many years.  Daily I was disappointed by the lack of patient education regarding eating a healthy diet and the importance of exercise. I also observed the many negative side effects that taking daily medications can produce. I decided to make a career change after staying home with my daughter for 5 years. I joined Integrative Hormone Consulting in 2010 as a nurse for Bob Wood providing Bioidentical Hormone Therapy to patients.

In 2016 Patty told me that she was purchasing the ASA Balance Laser Allergy Machine.  I am a huge advocate of this program as my daughter was cured from her eczema when she was 5 years old after going through the treatments.  After providing laser allergy treatments to patients for over a year I have seen many of them experience relief from their allergy symptoms.

In my free time I enjoy walking, watching my daughter compete in Irish Dance competitions, and interior design.

Meet Rita Carnevale

Let me be your partner in Empowerment!

I have studied, taught, served and danced in the wholistic health field since the early eighties. Licensed in Hawaii as well as Ohio, I received  my  degree in massage therapy in 1990 from Dr. Scherer’s Academy of Natural Healing in Santa Fe, where I learned a vast array of health modalities including therapeutic massage, integrative mind-body work, herbology and kinesiology.  I have trained extensively in Lomi-Lomi, (deep, connecting massage) in Hawaii, Craniosacral Therapy, and have certification in Reiki III and Foot Reflexology.

My quest for quintessential healing modalities brought me to the ancient wisdom of the Andes with the Illumination Emotional Clearing Process.  It can change your life…if you’re ready.  By bringing awareness and honoring what has occurred in your life, we find jewels of wisdom deep within. Now the pathway is cleared for the emotional, mental and physical bodies to fall into place.  You are free to experience life anew.

Let’s work together in designing the best session for you.  It is an honor to facilitate you on your Magnificent Journey.