Leaves Of Life


Offering Columbus, OH Natural Health Alternatives Since 1998

Who we are

Leaves of Life is a collaborative and integrative healthcare practice located in the Worthington Hills area of Columbus Ohio. Owned and founded in 1998 by Patty Shipley, a Registered Nurse Naturopath, Leaves of Life both houses and collaborates to offer many different types of healing modalities.

Patty Shipley

Traditional Naturopath, Registered Nurse offering naturopathic consulting to address whole-body wellness. 

Francie Silverman

Masters of Science in Nutrition, Lifestyle Educator and Wellness Coach who personalizes systemic/gastrointestinal detoxification,elimination diets, and weight normalization plans. 



Emily Bailey

Registered and licensed dietitian, board certified specialist in sports dietetics and certified personal trainer. Specializes in eating disorders and sports nutrition.



Bob Wood

Pharmacist specializing in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement for women and men, collaborating with over 150 area physicians.

Amy Timmerman

Registered nurse operating ASA allergy elimination laser for people of all ages.

See our referral list for a directory of other integrative healthcare providers we network with.

As we continue constructing our site, we will expand to include items available in our retail shopping area, where we offer an extensive array of professional-grade supplements from companies we trust who meet stringent guidelines for quality. Some commercially available items are also in stock for the convenience of our clients.  Click here to see a listing of most of the vendors we stock.