Caitlin Pfeil, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, NCCA Certified Personal Trainer

  • Specialties: Stress Management, Lifestyle and Diet Changes, Detox
  • Initial Consult $100 (60 minutes, includes Meridian Energy Assessment scan)
  • Follow-up visits $40-$90 (15-60 minutes)

Francie Silverman, Masters in Nutrition, Lifestyle Educator, Wellness Coach

  • Specialties: Digestive Dysfunction, Weight Normalization, Detox
  • Initial Consult $150 (60 minutes, includes BIA – Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Test and Meridian Energy Assessment)
  • Follow-up visits $50-$125 (15-60 minutes)

Holly Wood, MSW, LISW-S, Mental/Emotional Health Therapist

  • Initial consultation: $150
  • Follow-up consultations: $80 – $150 based on time

Joanne Corroto, RN, BSN, LMT

  • BioScan (Meridian Stress Assessment)
  • Initial Consultation: $200 (2 hour)
  • Follow-up: $120
  • Joanne will test meridian points on the hands and feet to identify energetic imbalances and guide recommendations. To learn more about BioMeridian scanning, click here to read a previous blog post.

Laser Allergy Elimination

  • $95 initial session (ages 1 and up)
  • $75 per follow-up session
  • Children under 12 months + Mom:  $125 per session
  • Children over 12 months that are breastfeeding + Mom: $125 per session

The ASA laser is an energetic balancing and assessment tool utilizing biofeedback and 3-color inductive laser for addressing specific allergies. The treatment takes between 20-30 minutes and is non-invasive and completely pain-free. Once an allergen is identified, the ASA re-exposes the patient to the harmonic frequency of the allergen while simultaneously going through a process known as immune conditioning. Specific nerve bundles are stimulated by the Class III laser to re-educate the body’s immune response to remove the inappropriate response when exposed to the actual allergen. Extremely effective for people of all ages.

Patty Shipley, RN, Traditional Naturopath, Herbalist

  • Specialties: Identifying and Addressing Chronic Underlying Imbalance/s
  • New Client $295 (Includes Meridian Energy Assessment scan and vitals)
  • Follow-up Office and Phone Consults $45-$195 (10-60 minutes)
  • All new clients for Patty will spend 45-60 minutes with Patty and 45-60 minutes with Lifestyle Educator, Caitlin Pfeil, FMCHC, CPT, NCCA Personal Trainer

New Client Dual Appointment with Patty and Caitlin $295

Why a dual appointment?

Clients heal more quickly when with a one-on-one lifestyle coach to provide support, encouragement and accountability in making lasting lifestyle changes…ALWAYS an important part of every client’s recovery. The more that can be accomplished through these lasting changes, the less supplements are needed, and the more complete the recovery. In some cases, clients feel they are already eating healthfully, but a healthy diet can still contain foods that are not good for a particular constitution or genetic make-up.  Caitlin has helped hundreds of clients overcome obstacles to eating well.

True healing cannot take place without a healthy diet, and supplements are meant to supplement a healthy diet, not substitute or provide damage control for a poor one.

Some new clients prefer to see Caitlin for a period of time to see if lifestyle and diet changes alone can resolve their complaints and then pay the difference to see Patty if further investigation is needed ($195). Others have tried and failed before and want to have every advantage to heal from the beginning of care.

A dual appointment has the added benefit of two experienced practitioners collaborating on your case.