Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost to see a holistic practitioner and what types of supplements will be recommended?

A: Each person is unique as far as what layers are contributing to their health issues, and you and your provider will work together to individualize your health and wellness plan, taking cost into consideration.The more willing you are to make lifestyle and diet changes, the less testing and supplements will be required.

Will insurance cover any of the alternative therapies, testing or supplements and herbs I’ll need?

A: We make every attempt to assist you in utilizing insurance coverage.Most of the laboratory testing we offer is at least partially covered by insurance, depending on your plan and what testing is best suited for your case.

Why doesn’t your practice accept insurance for office visits?

A: The level of care we provide and the time we’re able to spend with you at each appointment allows us to take a thorough history and accurately assess and identify the root cause of your symptoms. Our appointment times are not limited by excessive restraints imposed by insurance companies.

How will you work with my family physician?

A: At Leaves of Life we believe it is crucial to have continuity with your entire health care team. We will communicate all findings and recommendations to your PCP upon request and will work together to meet your health care goals.

What should I expect at my first visit?

A: Your first visit with one of our practitioners is approximately 60 minutes.  At this visit, we will ask to hear your story in detail and ask additional questions to guide evaluation and treatment. You’ll have plenty of time to ask any questions and review any lab tests you may have brought along. The initial discussion will include your current health concerns and challenges, health history, dietary information, exercise, sleep, stress levels, and medications and supplements.

What should I bring to my appointment?

A: Please bring your supplements and a list of your medications, medical records and labs from the last 2-3 years. Feel free to bring a friend or family member to offer another set of ears for your recommendations moving forward.

Can appointments be performed via Zoom or phone?

A: Yes, we do offer phone and Zoom appointments.

How long will it take for me to feel better using a natural medicine approach?

A: That varies depending on how quickly your practitioner is able to hone in on the most important layers contributing to your health issues, as well as how well you’re able to follow your plan of care. Each patient is unique!

What is the advantage of being seen in a multidisciplinary practice?

A: All of our providers can easily consult with each other on your case, giving you the benefit of many more years of experience than seeing one single provider.

How do I know which provider at your practice to start with?

A: That may depend on your most prominent symptoms. Our front desk staff can help!

What makes your practice unique?

A: Here at Leaves of Life, we have an extremely diverse group of experienced providers including Patty Shipley, Francie Silverman, Caitlin Pfeil, Joanne Corroto and Holly Wood. Our providers collaborate on challenging cases, so you always have a team working together behind the scenes, to help you meet your health care goals. We have our own lab station so that you can have everything done on-site, as well as our own supplement section, stocked with only the highest quality products. From the moment you walk in the door, you are greeted by our caring and professional staff to assist you through the entire visit, from check-in to check-out.

How is Functional Medicine Different than Conventional Medicine?

A: Functional medicine involves understanding the origins, prevention, and treatment of complex, chronic disease. This includes patient-centered care. The focus of functional medicine includes aiding the patient in achieving optimal health. By listening to the patient and learning his or her story, the practitioner can design treatments that address the individual’s unique needs.

What is naturopathy?

A: Here is a link that will answer your question

If I already eat a healthy diet, how can integrative medicine help me?

A: Most patients who are new to our practice are eating foods that, though they may be healthy, are not healthy foods for their bodies.You may have developed a sensitivity to certain foods, or be eating a diet that isn’t in the proper proportions for your health goals.Your practitioner will help you determine what healthy foods to eat alongside addressing other factors that are preventing you from recovering.

How can you help me with weight loss?

A: Difficulty losing weight is often a common thread for many patients. Not only do we offer in depth nutritional counseling and assessments, but many times we uncover underlying inflammation, imbalances, or toxicities that are interfering in weight loss.

If mood disorders have their origin in the gut, why would I need to see a therapist?

A: We’ve all developed, through nature, nurture, and experience, unhealthy coping mechanisms, ways to protect ourselves, ways to interact with others, etc, that do not always benefit us. While dealing with bacteria in the gut to physically balance our bodies, we also need to unlearn unhealthy relational patterns and learn to incorporate healthy relational patterns. We also need to hear objective input when we’re engaging in behavior that is not only non-beneficial, but also damaging to our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual beings. This, then, helps to decrease depression and anxiety, poor thinking patterns, self-critique, etc.

Can I purchase supplements from sources other than Leaves of Life?

A: We carry high quality supplements that are formulated to achieve the best results in the right specified dosages. If you purchase supplements from other manufacturers, please research carefully. Not all ingredients are equal. Sometimes the wrong part of the plant may be used, raw ingredients aren’t properly screened for toxins such as mold or heavy metals, or lower grade quality raw materials are used.

Do you see children?

A: All of our providers can work with patients of any age, including infants.

Can you ship products to me?

A: Yes, we charge $3 handling plusthe USPS charge for your package.If a shipment is worth over $200, we will add insurance.

What if you don’t carry a product I need?

A: If we have an account set up with the manufacturer, we can special order the product and let you know when it arrives, or ship it direct to your door.

What if I am buying a product that needs to be refrigerated and I am not heading straight home?

A: We will send an ice pack with you to keep your product cool until you arrive home.

If I’m not a patient, can I still buy supplements there?

A: Anyone is welcome to shop our supplement section.We’re open M-Th 9:30am – 6pm and Fridays 9:30am – 4pm.

Do you ever have sales?

A: We announce sales 1-2 x yearly in our newsletter and on our Facebook page.Be sure to sign up for our newsletters here on our website and find us on Facebook  Check out our sale table at any visit to see what might be on sale that day!