Green Heron Chick

No, green heron chick isn’t a super hero… but, for a bird, it’s pretty close. It can hover briefly to catch prey. Some even say this bird is one of the world’s most intelligent because it has been know to use bait to attract fish.

Check out this green heron bait fishing with bread:

We’re lucky enough to have a green heron pair nesting near our pond for the past several years.  We always know when they’ve arrived each year because of their loud and very distinctive calls (advertising and alarm calls are what we hear most often). It’s impossible not to take notice when what sounds like a crazy, prehistoric chicken is croak/shrieking as it flies from tree to tree around the pond.

It wasn’t until this year that we were finally able to locate “our” green heron pair’s nest, which looks more like a scaffolding made of loosely interlaced twigs. Although we were able to observe the parents feeding the two chicks, we missed the chance to photograph them before they fledged this precarious perch.

GH nest

This little cutie was spotted 3 days later hiding in tall grass next to the pond.  It seemed wary, but tolerated a somewhat prolonged photo session and even seemed to vamp a bit for its first close up.


At different times of the day now, the parents can be heard calling to the chicks in their croaky, prehistoric voices, announcing a regurgitated meal of small fish, frogs, bugs and other small prey.

Mmmm-mmmm good!

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