My Retreat

My woodland retreat

I live in the middle of 15 acres of mostly woods.  With a medium-ish pond.  The house is, frankly, mostly a place to sleep because I’m obsessed with everything outdoors.  Neither cat is declawed and they can go in and out as they wish.  There are two vegetable gardens, numerous flower gardens, two compost bins, and a small greenhouse made of 2x4s and heavy plastic.

I haven’t started using the greenhouse yet because I didn’t realize we would need a heat source at night as well as ventilation during the day (part of my gardening fascination is to SAVE money on food, after all – I’ll make peace eventually with the need to invest MORE $$ but for now, I am internally processing this – ok and maybe cursing a little).

I think of this place as a small wildlife preserve, and it’s amazing to me how many close encounters I have with wildlife, as well as how many really neat things happen in the gardens in any given season.

This blog series is meant as a way of sharing these stories for those who are interested.  It seems to me that living a healthy lifestyle must include an appreciation of, and connection with, nature.

Stay tuned for more posts on my retreat and how other Leaves of Life staff recharge!

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