No Practicing! A Vacation of Good Food and Self Care

Our daily reminder to recharge

Self care is a theme in so many of the recovery protocols we recommend to clients. “Make time for yourself and activities you enjoy…”  “Create “you” time…” “Carve out even a few minutes every day for relaxation…” How many of you have heard Francie or I say these words during a consult?

This sign was visible from the condo’s front porch. It was meant for people who were using the golf course, but it was a great, constant reminder to keep self care as part of our daily intention.

Part of self care on vacation is taking a real break from the typical “real life” routine… For us, it was stepping away from our daily practice of seeing clients, developing protocols, office work, etc. We chose to rent a place with a kitchen where we could focus on making good, healthful meals. We also took the time to scope out places around Hilton Head that supported our goal of healthy vacation eating.

Recharging our “self batteries” has been great and now it’s time to head home. We are coming back to Columbus refreshed and ready to face new challenges.

I hope everyone was able to take something away from our vacation posts… remember to apply to your own summer plans! And do what you can to create mini vacations for yourselves even at home!

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