Our blog – a new focus for Leaves of Life

You may have noticed that we have started¬†adding some recipes to the blog… Our goal is to categorize them by the way you may be trying to eat – gluten free, elimination friendly, etc. Please feel free to send us your comments if you try a particular recipe and send us some of your own ideas!

In the near future, we will start posting entries from a variety of guest bloggers. You will also see some guest posts from local trainers, clinicians, etc. who have our confidence regarding the quality of the services they provide.

Some of our stuff will be serious and some might be as simple as what we’re trying out in our own kitchens. Our goal is to provide you entertaining, informative, and inspired content that you can apply in your own journey to better health.

As we create new blog series, we will announce them on Facebook and through email campaigns. Check back often for updates, and be sure to leave comments for us when you have something to say!

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