And yet, I garden…

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Garden and greehouse

 My sleepy spring garden, and the greenhouse built last year that I’ve not yet started using…  

Come to find out, in Ohio, a greenhouse without a heat source  is not warm enough at night for seedlings until about the time that it’s warm enough to plant them in the ground.  And during the day, it gets much too hot without ventilation.  

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Such potential!

Every time I think I’m going to start saving money gardening, I can’t help remembering the book “The $64 Tomato”.  

And yet, I garden.  

I garden because sometimes it helps me empty my mind and feel connected to something much larger than my everyday stressors. I garden because I love to feel connected to the food I eat, and to know, without a doubt, that it is organic, and that the soil my food grows in has been properly cared for and nourished, so it may, in turn, nourish the plants that nourish my food, that nourish me and those I share it with.

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