Quick trip to Portland

No, the other Portland…

I recently had the opportunity to attend a conference in Portland. No, not that Portland… think east coast – Portland, Maine.

Some of you may immediately think of Portland’s well known L’s: lobster, lighthouses, and L. L. Bean. Let me tell you about one more – local. I found my kind of place at b.good – a franchise restaurant that tailors its menu to local ingredients. 

White bean and rosemary salad at b.good in Portland, ME.

I had a great salad there with a local, gluten-removed* beer to boot. The salad was their white bean & rosemary, which included organic quinoa, marinated kale, sauteed veggies, shiitakes, beets, and cannellini beans – all topped with parmesan cheese and a red pepper vinaigrette. It was fantastic!

Patty in Portland!

And – here’s the obligatory lobster bib photo most people expect from a trip to this part of the coast. So I guess there’s another Portland L – lobster bib!


* You saw the asterisk… so what is gluten-removed beer?

GF beerAccording to the brewing company that puts out this sudsy stuff, IXNAY is “fermented from grains containing gluten and crafted to remove gluten.” The gluten is removed through the use of a naturally occurring enzyme. So, basically, it can’t be called “gluten-free” and probably isn’t appropriate for anyone with an extreme gluten sensitivity or celiac.  But for those of us who are somewhat gluten sensitive, it was a great find!  Ixnay on the gluten-ay!

And now for the serious stuff…  read what Patty learned about methylation and gene expression from Dr. Amy Yasko during her time in Portland.

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