So what is a BIA?

A typical BIA set up

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) is a tool we use to get some really cool numbers. As with other testing, establishing a set of baseline BIA values prior to beginning a lifestyle overhaul is incredibly informative. It’s a great way of tracking and relating the changes we make in our lifestyle choices to our health rather than just the number on the scale or our waistline.

We get three numbers that are especially interesting:

  • Cellular Health Levels: Your cell age and level of resiliency/health.  As a global marker of resiliency/health, this number tells us the ease with which you would overcome a cold or something more serious. When it comes to the “age” of your cells, this value can be different than your chronological age – meaning your cells can behave much younger or older than your age on the calendar. The cool part is that as you make lifestyle and nutrition changes, we will see your cells become younger and younger, and your resiliency go higher and higher!
  • Toxicity Levels: A measurement of stored toxins in your body. Toxins can be anything your body does not recognize or that are harmful to the body – for example, stress, chemicals, food sensitivities, by-products of harmful bacteria, etc.
  • Body Composition: Just like it sounds – a measure of what makes up your body’s composition. Fat vs. muscle, water, etc.

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