Solomon’s Seal

Solomon’s Seal

A beautiful plant native to Ohio that is effortless to grow and will spread quickly to choke out weeds.  Mine came from Scioto Gardens, a wonderful local nursery run by Mike and Linda Johnson.  

Scioto Gardens specializes in native Ohio plants and Mike is an extremely knowledgeable and personable horticulturist.  Both Mike and his wife are big believers in holistic health and caring for the environment and our pollinators.

Solomon’s Seal

I always check Scioto Gardens first, and I prefer buying native plants because they’re hardier than hybrids and more likely to attract honeybees, butterflies and birds.  When we hybridize plants, most often they no longer supply nectar or pollen needed by pollinators and hummingbirds.

Add to that the practice of spraying weeds (native plants that provide diverse nutrition AND nectar and pollen), and you can begin to see the problems faced by the honeybees.

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