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Diet and lifestyle changes are ALWAYS an important part of every client’s recovery, so all new patients start with one of our Lifestyle Educators, Caitlin Pfeil or Francie Silverman (click here for fee and credentials info) to gather information about overall health, including current medications and supplements, diet, activity level, sleep and current symptoms.

In some cases, clients may feel they’re already eating healthfully, but a healthy diet can still contain foods that are not good for a particular constitution or genetic make-up. Our Lifestyle Educators have helped thousands of clients overcome obstacles to making healthful dietary choices.

Some new clients prefer to continue with the Lifestyle Educator for a period of time to see if lifestyle and diet changes alone can resolve their complaints and then pay the difference to see Patty Shipley ($195) if further investigation is needed.

Additionally, a dual appointment has the added benefit of two experienced practitioners collaborating on your case.

Our practitioners identify the underlying cause/s of illness and guide patients on an individualized journey to wellness.


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Leaves of Life is a collaborative and integrative healthcare practice located in Worthington, a northern suburb of Columbus Ohio.
Owned and founded in 1998 by Patty Shipley, a Registered Nurse Naturopath, Leaves of Life both houses and collaborates to offer many different types of healing modalities.





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We’ve actually seen, just through using the Leaves of life products, a tremendous change in our family, my children’s health, my own health.

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