About Us

Leaves of Life is a collaborative and integrative healthcare practice located in a north Columbus suburb, near The Shops at Worthington Place. Owned and founded in 1998 by Patty Shipley, a Registered Nurse Naturopath, Leaves of Life both houses and collaborates to offer many different types of healing modalities. 


Patty Shipley, Traditional Naturopath, RN, Herbalist– Bio

Patty Shipley, RN, Traditional Naturopath, Herbalist, has been practicing in the Columbus, OH area since 1999. In 2002 she earned her naturopathic degree from Trinity College of Natural Health, and in 2011, she earned her RN degree from Columbus State Community College. She has also completed additional coursework in nutrition. Patty discovered natural health as she worked to recover from her own health challenges, which included migraines, clinical depression, severe asthma and a chronic skin condition.

Caitlin Pfeil, FMCHC, CPT, NCAA Personal Trainer – Bio

Caitlin is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach certified through the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy with the Institute of Functional Medicine. and has been working in the holistic health world for over a decade. She is also an NCCA Certified Personal Trainer, with a specialization in fitness nutrition. On the Leaves of Life team, she does one-on-one Health Coach in partnership with practitioners, as well as providing laser allergy treatment for patients who need help with environmental and food allergies and other imbalances.

Francie Silverman, MS, Certified Lifestyle Coach– Bio

Francie Silverman, MS (Masters degree in Human Nutrition) has been in clinical practice for over 15 years. She began her career in NYC where she coached patients on weight loss and lifestyle changes. Francie has been working alongside Patty Shipley for the last 9 years seeing more complex cases such as gut dysfunction, autoimmune disease, chronic pain, skin issues, adrenal fatigue, weight loss resistance, chronic fatigue and others. She utilizes a variety of modalities and testing. Her favorite test includes a GI MAP stool test where you are able to identify infections in the gut that may be the cause of some chronic symptoms. Francie will meet you where you are in order to develop a partnership between practitioner and patient so that you can meet all of your health goals.

Joanne Corroto RN, BSN, LMT – Bio

Joanne Corroto RN, BSN, LMT has worked in all areas of nursing for many years. “I found alternative healing modalities because Western medicine only had pills to offer for my struggles with autoimmune issues. My passion for learning drives me to leave no stone unturned to find out the root cause of imbalances. Meridian Stress Assessment with the Bio Scan Unit allows me to empower clients in finding answers moving toward wellness. Bringing the body back into balance allows the body to heal.”

Holly Wood, MSW, LISW-S – Bio

Holly Wood, MSW, LISW-S, is a Mental/Emotional Health Therapist who has practiced in the Columbus area for 30 years. Holly works with individuals, couples and families dealing with issues associated with Anxiety/Depression, Relationship/Marital/Divorce, Adolescent/Parenting, Disordered Eating/Eating Disorders, Women’s Intimacy/Sexual, Chronic Illness/Hospice, Drug/Alcohol support and other issues needing resolution in order to have a healthier life. Holly’s passion is to work with clients toward holistic healing – mind and emotions, body and spirit.